Welcome New Tied Agents


Alignment of your vision

From our very first meeting, we not only consider you as a new client, but more like our partner. During our initial meetings we will get a thorough understanding of your ideas enabling us to make sure we can fit it into both regulatory and legal frameworks.

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Solution in a framework

Being a Tied Agent is your easiest and most convenient way to join the financial markets and start your own brokerage. Throughout our structured approach and many years of experience we have made sure to design a model that allows easy onboarding and efficient maintenance.

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Paperwork and payment

Having signed the necessary agreements and settled the payment, we would be ready to kick off your journey.

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Meet the SCM Team

Be assured, you are in good hands with us. Possessing many years of industry and first-hand experience, our competent SCM Team constitutes the pillars of an extremely solid fundament on which you can build your empire at the pace, you dictate.

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Trading platform construction

We know that…instead of fancy promises, we commit to actual fact, we know, we can deliver. You will be provided with a platform that is known among traders as the most reliable and user-friendly in the industry making them to become frequent visitors on your site.

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Preparing your application

Frankly, the most boring part of the entire process…but also the only one you can actually influence in terms of execution. The faster you are at collecting the necessary documents and the better cooperation we have along the way, the sooner we are ready to submit your application.

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Hiring the Team & Educational activity

As much as we love sales, we need to admit: your success will mostly be determined by your marketing activities. It is crucial for your business to have the right people on-board as utilizing them will enable you to grow.

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Going LIVE!

Platform construction: check
Recruitment of staff: check
Submitting application: check
Looks like someone is ready to go live. Having submitted your application will allow you to start your operation, so at this stage it will only depend on you and your team by when it can actually happen. Essential compliance and operational trainings will be performed by our respective managers prior to your soft launch.

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